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Richard Cassaro

Richard Cassaro has devoted his life to uncovering a lost wisdom tradition that was practiced globally in Antiquity, and which is still visible in the parallel art and architecture of ancient cultures. His new book, The Missing Link, explores the meaning, transformations and propagation of the ancient world's most important religious icon. His first book,Written in Stone, is a wide-ranging exploration of hitherto-unknown connections among Freemasons, medieval cathedral builders and the creators of important ancient monuments. Cassaro has examined first-hand the ancient ruins and mystical traditions of Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Sicily, France, England, India and Spain; he has lectured on his theories to great acclaim in the United States, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Peru. To book Cassaro as a speaker, please fill out this form.

Richard Cassaro is the author of two thought-provoking and richly-illustrated books that explore deep connections between secret societies and ancient civilizations. Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals And World Architecture gives the best account available in print about how religion began and how struggles over the meaning of spirituality shaped the world we live in today.The Missing Link: Powerful New Evidence of an Advanced “Golden Age” Culture in Prehistoric Antiquitysolves one of the greatest mysteries in archaeology by explaining how a religious icon common to ancient civilizations scattered across the earth helps us to understand the nature and origins of powerful ideas that have come down to us through the millennia. Cassaro brings to this subject insights gained from his experience as a professional journalist and photo researcher for Rizzoli Publications, one of the world’s leading media organizations. Cassaro is currently hard at work distilling important archaeological discoveries and eye-opening information he has presented around the world in print and in the lecture hall into a series of video presentation expressly designed to introduce his work to a new generation of seekers after wisdom.

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