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David Rohl - Featured Presenter

David Rohl is recognized as the UK’s highest profile Egyptologist and one of the world’s best-known historians. Always controversial, he is not only a writer of bestselling books on ancient history and archaeology but also an explorer, TV presenter and internationally renowned public lecturer. With degrees in Egyptology, Ancient History, Mycenaean Archaeology and Levantine Archaeology, David is a genuine scholar with a full list of academic credentials but, at the same time, is seen as a highly original thinker. 

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David Rohl's Featured Presentation

Rostau: A Necropolis and Ritual Site at Giza Before the Pyramids

David's presentation will explore the archaeological evidence for a pre-4th Dynasty ritual site at Giza, including huge rock-cut tombs, megalithic temples, constructed in the style of Mesopotamian examples from Uruk in southern Iraq, and a processional way linking eastern and western horizons, all focused on the enigmatic Sphinx. He will present further evidence, which suggests prehistoric contact between Mesopotamia and Egypt by sea. David believes that this was the catalyst for the birth of pharaonic civilization. Could the ritual site of Rostau (Giza) represent the apogee of that cultural marriage between the astronomer priest of predynastic Egypt and the Shebtiu builder gods of Sep Tepi (the ‘First Time’), who came from the east, bringing Thoth’s sacred knowledge of writing and architecture with them?

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