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Spinster's Rock

Posted by [email protected] on February 2, 2017 at 1:10 PM

Spinster's Rock

According to one legend, there were three local spinsters living nearby - ’spinsters’ meaning wool spinners. One morning the three ladies set out to take their spun wool to the wool trader. When they passed fallen cromlech the trio decided to spend some time re-erecting three granite slabs. The Spinsters capped them with a huge granite stone.


This legend hints at the powerful and magical threefold triple goddess

and the Moon as its light symbol.


However, another version states that a mysterious old man accompanied by his three sons suddenly appeared from the hills, erected the dolmen like structure and promptly disappeared. Perhaps they were turned into stone. But who was the old man? Legend says he was Noah, of biblical ark fame, and he is represented by the huge capstone with the three imposts being his beloved sons.


Spinster’s Rock is a Neolithic chambered found in atmospheric countryside of Dartmoor, England. Originally, it may have been covered by a long or oval mound of earth or stones. The estimated weight of the capstone is 16 tons and measures 3.65m long by 2.7m wide and 0.6m thick. Noah is heavy!


The tomb collapsed in 1862, and later in that year, the Reverend William Ponsford paid for its restoration. Today, it still stands as a silent witness to a long lost megalithic civilisation.


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