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Sacred Stone Circles of Cumbria

Posted by [email protected] on January 6, 2017 at 7:25 AM


This year I will be hosting a Megalithic Odyssey to Cumbria to Castlerigg stone circle and to Swinside which is the best preserved stone circle in Europe.

Come along to experience and explore some of the finest stone circles in the world with the UKs leading dowser and geomant, Maria Wheatley. To book a place email [email protected] 


This year Maria is focusing on the esoteric and metaphysical ‘power of the Stone Circle’. We are visiting the megalithic temples that have retained their circular shape such as Castlerigg and Swinside in Cumbria. Rollright and Stanton Drew in southern England to fully understand the ancient secrets of the ceremonial landscape.


A weekend in Cumbria

July 22 2017 Castlerigg stone circle Cumbria

July 23 2017 Swinside stone circle Cumbria

£35 per person per day


At Castlerigg, we will explore how a geospiral energy pattern of deep underground water can produce a secondary energy pattern called a primary halo which is circular in shape.

Standing stones were erected on this energy pattern and this is why stone circles are circular. The deep underground water dictates the shape and size of the primary halo and thus the size and location of a stone circle. The




Aqua Alchemy

We will also detect yang water flows and discover how the geopathic stress produced by this type of water is alchemically changed at a sacred site.


As all dowsers and geomancers know underground yang water produces geopathic stress, but our ancestors knew this water could be transmuted to produce a harmonic energy. Discover their knowledge and deepen your awareness of earth energy and geopathic stress transmutation.


Finding the harmonic colour of water

Earth and water energies produce and release particular colours (Earth Colours) and we will discover how the main colours can affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. What is the best Earth Colour for you? We will explore the Earth Colours, how and why we resonate with particular earth colours. We will also make Harmonic Colour Healing water at the spiral’s centre and look at how water-energy can relax, soothe and help the body to heal itself.


Swinside is one of the best-preserved stone circles in Western Europe.


Out of the 60 standing stones, 55 still remain and 32 still stand. Each stone is only 5 feet apart making the energies between the stones especially strong.


In the north stands the tallest stone, stalwart and proud at 7 feet 6 inches high. Facing the midwinter sunrise the entrance encourages the flow of solar energy into the womb of the site.


Nearby, is a Mother Hill that is connected to the stone circle by a hermaphrodite energy line which forms a unique relationship with the stone circle. Undoubtedly, this balancing and harmonizing energy flow was once used as a serpentine ceremonial way.


Water’s Memory

We will also explore Vortex energy at one of the stones and interact with the Akashic Records of this remote stone circle by attuning to the deep water beneath us and connecting to the energy within the water.


We will also learn how to identify, through the emitted harmonic surface pattern, fast flowing underground energies and interact with this dynamic energy.


Some of the collective metaphysical traits due to the shape of the circle.


Geodetic earth and water energies. At the selected stone circles we explore the geospiral phenomena. A geospiral has two spiral patterns at anyone time. One flows in one direction, clockwise, and the other flows in the opposite direction, counter clockwise, but only one is detectable at anyone time. The two opposing directional forces generate vortex energy. Our ancestors were able to detect deep underground pockets of water and not just the closer aquifers known today. We will detect both spirals using a geodetic dowsing technique devised by a Master Dowser.


Form Energy A stone circle that has retained its circular shape is immensely powerful. The circle itself, be that drawn with salt, created by stones or even drawn onto a piece of paper generates Form Energy. Form energy is born of the circle and this is why occultists, Wiccans and Druids have used it for millennia. It manifests concentric circles within and without of its own energy field. This energy blends with geodetic earth energy and becomes a living force that we can work.


Megalithic Energy Standing stones react to the Earth’s inner waters that generate, not just a spiral, but a circular shape, and this is why stone circles are circular. A stone sited on the circle shape begins to absorb the earth energy and converts it into aerial energy.


Geomancy To the ancient Chinese geomancers and the Druids hills, rivers, streams and valleys were all alive. Particular shaped hills were equated with the planets of the solar system. In fact, it is said by some of the top geomants that the whole of the Chinese landscape was gently sculptured to reflect earth and planetary energies. We will look at the wider landscape and learn how to interpret it in relation to ourselves, our homes and, of course, the location of stone circles.

For more information go to www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk or email [email protected] to book a place



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