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Saith Maen The Wonders of the Seven Stones

Posted by [email protected] on December 24, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Saith Maen The Wonders of the Seven Stones 

OS grid reference SN833154

Happy Midwinter's Day x

Staying in the Brecon Beacons is a magical experience as you are amid nature and her unspoilt radiant beauty.There is a sense of silence and within this silence the voice of Gaia can be heard.

In some parts of the British Isles, such as Dartmoor, stone rows are relatively common, but in the Brecon Beacons there is only one that is not associated with a stone circle, making Saith Maen special and inviting.

Saith Maen means seven stones, and seven stones still survive at this remote moorland site, although, some have fallen.

Aligned from north-northeast to south-southwest in the direction of Cerrig Duon stone circle, the stones vary in height from 1.7 to 0.5m and form a row 13.7m long.

There is a spiritual and important link between the two sites.

The stone row follows an aquastat - a female water line - that leads to Cerrig Duon and at its esoteric centre a 7-coiled geospiral and the meaning behind the seven stones of Saith Maen. The aquastat rises from a deep source a bit like a spring - making it rare and sacred.

Walking upon this type of water-earth energy is special as it is a healing energy that generates a large force field.

In the next blog we will look at a very special church in Wales where miracles occurred - on this type of sacred female water-earth energy. Sixteen very sick children were placed on the church slab that marked the energy and were healed. Herein lie some Templar secrets.

Despite the church banning me entering the church grounds of churches around Avebury they have no legal right to do so and therefore I will be leading a Templar Tour next year!

My website www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk will be updated by Jan 14th revealing all the details Learn to dowse with UK expert Maria Wheatley www.EsotericCollege.com

Solar Alignment at Avebury

Posted by [email protected] on November 20, 2016 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Today at Avebury a beautiful Sun Alignment

Although the photograph wasn't taken this morning, this is what you would have seen at dawn with clear skies along the West Kennet Stone Avenue at Avebury - a precursor to the Winter Solstice.

It's blowing a gale today!

The West Kennet Stone Avenue led from a small concentric stone circle on Overton Hill called the Sanctuary to Avebury Henge.

Containing 200 standing stones, this megalithic processional way led for 1.5 miles across the landscape and its path was set by the Micheal earth current. A groundbreaking discovery by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst back in the 80s.

Interacting with the megalithic landscape at dawn is an amazing feeling. During research for the book Avebury, Sun Moon and Earth Energies, a long lost alignment was discovered. The rising sun on November 19th-21st is in the centre of the Avenue, perfectly framed by the tall Yin and Yang standing stones.

One month in advance of the Winter Solstice, this sun alignment shows that the winter solstice approaches. Avebury speaks to those that listen and thanks to the ancestors for the guidance that led to this discovery over a decade ago now!

A beautiful sight to behold. The rays of the morning sun fill the avenue with its light and power, heavenly energy silently infusing the Solar Micheal earth current with unseen energy. Earth, Sun and Stone as One.

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