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Stoney Littleton long barrow

Posted by [email protected] on January 16, 2017 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Stoney Littleton long barrow the healing energies and the unusual by Maria Wheatley

Stoney Littleton long barrow, Wellow, Somerset. A Neolithic horned long barrow dated to c3800 BC. Aligned to face the Winter Solstice sunrise this barrow is the finest in Somerset. It has several small inner chambers which reveal perfect dry stone walling as if done by expert masons today. Some of the stone work has been restored but most of it is over 5000 years old.

Going back twenty-five years or so ago, when I was a young geomancer dowser, my late father, a family friend and I visited Stoney Littleton long barrow. According to the prolific authors, Janet and Colin Bord, this long barrow was said to be home to the fairy folk.

We arrived at the long barrow in an autumnal mist adding a natural magic to the day. However, due to unstable masonry the entrance to the barrow was barred with an iron gate denying us access. Today, the barrow is fully restored and always open to the wandering spiritual pilgrim. We dowsed the barrow for healing areas, which were surveyed by the Master Dowser Guy Underwood over 60 years ago, which are marked as small spiral areas in one of his surveys. Years later, I would discover that these small spirals are often associated with the outpourings of negative ions which are beneficial to our health. We also located leys, and Earth energies and then made our way back down the hill to return to the car. Half way down the hill I realised I had left my dowsing rod near the barrow’s entrance and ascended the hill once more to retrieve it.


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I picked up the rod and felt saddened that I could not enter the barrow. Several stones required resetting making the inner chambers unstable and dangerous. I was just turning to leave when a creaking sound caught my attention. I looked towards the entrance and the iron gate was now open!

I had no hesitation; I was going in. Even today when you enter Stoney Littleton you usually take a torch. This is because you have crawl on your hands and knees along a long gallery that is 16 meters long and only 1 meter high. The crawl is worth it as three pairs of energy-filled chambers and a far chamber are waiting to greet you. It was pitch black, I crawled along this seemingly never-ending gallery, and it was musky and damp. Reaching the far chamber, I turned around to face the light and the entrance. I saw tiny sparks of dancing white light, swirling and hypnotic. I was transfixed. After a short while the small lights faded and were gone, I crawled back and rushed down the hill. I spoke of my little adventure and dad said: ‘But Maria, it was pad-locked!’ Puzzled I tried to make sense of my experience. Our family friend jokingly said, ‘Perhaps the fairies wanted to show you something!’ I think they did.

Uley Long Barrow

Posted by [email protected] on October 14, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Uley long barrow is also known as Hetty Pegler's Tump which is named after a 17th century owner of the field, a Hester Pegler.

This is a Cotswold- Severn Long Barrow of average size, 36m long, 24m wide and 3m high.The original forecourt area of the entrance is about 1m high and surmounted by a huge portal stone. The entrance, although smal,l is welcoming.

Inside there is a passage about 7m long with two side chambers opening off to the south, the end of the passage itself forming a third terminal chamber. Originally, there were two further chambers in the north passage wall, but these were blocked off in the excavation of 1821 and sadly have never been restored so we are only see half of the mound. Nonetheless, this long barrow still retains a sense of Spirit of Place and it has been date to  c3300-3200BC.

The remains of 19-20 people were found in and around the chambers during the excavations of 1821 and 1854. 

I suggest that the chambers had a primary use - for ceremony, or ritual. Finally, the scondary use was for burial.

When I first visited the site many years ago, I sat quietly in one of the chambers and heard a woman's voice - yet no one was around. The voice said a place name that sounded Welsh as it had a 'Ll' sound, common to placenames in Wales. I looked all the way through an atlas and after some while found the place name in Cornwall. Was this a voice of the past? When we sit it silence and peace in these remarkable chambers extraordinary things can happen!

Barclodiad Y Gawres

Posted by [email protected] on October 1, 2016 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Anglesey, Wales is a megalithic wonderland.

One of my favourite places is Barclodiad Y Gawres. A giantess and her husband were said to create this atmospheric passage initiation tomb-shrine.

Overlooking the Irish sea, it has some fantastic decorated stones with spirals and chevron patterns. One of the oldest symbols for water is the Chevron pattern and known as such to many ancient civilisations.

Earth energy associated with certain types of water often flows in a zig zag, chevron pattern which was noted in 1899 by an adept water diviner.

Yin water manifests a spiral pattern and therefore we can see that the ancients may have encoded the prevailing earth forces at sacred sites such as this.

In May on the Beltany tour with Michael Tellinger and James Swagger we will be exploring megalihitc artwork and encoded earth energy flows. www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk and for certificated dowsing courses go to www.EsotericCollege.com www.megalihticodyssey.com Edward James SwagerDivining Ancient SitesMichael Tellinger


Pentre Ifan, Wales.

Posted by [email protected] on September 30, 2016 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I was at Pentre Ifan at the weekend. It is huge. It was once a massive burial chamber. Looking through the entrance it draws your attention to the land. Inside the energy stills the mind as earth energy greets you.

Nearby is an outcrop of the healing bluestones transported from Wales to Stonehenge. Oh they are beautiful.

Imagine the stone highly polished. Looking elegant blue and bright as this is what some of stonehenge 's bluestones once looked like.

Three times more magnetic than any other stone shows the sensitivity of our ancestors to the energies of stone.

Gors Fawr stone circle called me. A great stone circle. It has an outlying megalith which is lke a stone throne as it has a seat. Sit on it and your third eye chakra rests upon a highly magnetic hotspot that gently opens it. It set a compass 20 degrees out. I sat there and did not want to leave even though it was windy...Isn't the ancient landscape magical! Check out its megalithic seat and it's partner at midsummer as they mark the sunrise according to Thom...also check out our tours with Brien Foerster James Swagger Michael Tellinger and myself at

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