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Croft Moraig, Perthshire, Scotland.

Posted by [email protected] on November 9, 2016 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)


The Magic of the Moon and the Stones, Croft Moraig, Perthshire, Scotland.


Croft Moraig is easy to access but it is close to the road. Despite this intrusion the stones still cover you with their megalithic charm and this welcoming circle has an age-old lunar secret.


Often we look at sacred sites through the eyes of astronomers, mathematicians and engineers, all of whom add insight. Yet, we can easily lose sight of the people and how these wondrous stone temples were used.


Croft Moraig stands on raised platform of earth making the stones appears exalted. There were three main phases of construction that took place over one thousand years, which speaks of a deep attachment to the Spirit of Place.


Five thousand years ago, our ancestors constructed a horseshoe ring of 14 timber posts with an opening to the South West. Parallel rows of timber posts led to this enclosure which the archaeologist Aubrey Burl thought of 'as a dwelling place of a priest'. I feel to the Priestess and here's why.


Phase II of Croft Moraig was raised with care and dignity, a horseshoe of eight stones was surrounded by an earth and stone bank. The horseshoe is associated with the goddess as the lunar crescent moon. Later, in Phase III, a stone circle of twelve standing stones was constructed outside the existing circle to create a double ring with outliers towards the SE, which may have formed an entrance.


On top of the bank, to the SW, lies a remarkable six foot long stone with over twenty cup marks on it. If this stone once stood upright, as some researchers suggest, it may have been the Priestess's stone as it is aligned perfectly to the southern moonset. Although a modern name, Croft Moraig reflects the feminine energy within this stone circle as it means 'Mary's Croft'.


For me, these alignments are not just about the stones, but about the people. Imagine being here thousands of years ago. You are looking at the moon descending as its fading light blends into the land. A priestess stands high and proud against the cup marked stone, it's the perfect height, like you she awaits the Moon set.


It is tempting to think that this was a special initiation ceremony for a young priestess that only occurs at the southern moonset every 18.61 years.


Certainly, I have dowsed the female earth energies at these lunar times and like a rising serpent they come into their power. So, beneath her feet she can draw upon an unseen yet ever present Earth Force. Alongside Rodney Hale, we found the electromagnetic frequencies of the Mary earth current at Avebury. Reality is often stranger than fiction.


Magical and full of female serpent power, Mary's Croft is a true wonder of the Ancient World and she has never lost her power and remains active to this day. Even the oak trees bend towards the stone circle as if protecting and bowing to this beautiful sacred space.



Acharn Falls stone circle

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Scotland has some amazing ancient sites.

The stones of the Acharn Falls circle are the best-positioned in Perthshire. Standing at a height of 1240 feet 378m above sea-level, you have beautiful views across Loch Tay towards Ben Lawers. You feel like you are on top of the world!


Although this site has been abused and disturbed, of the original nine stones, four still stand upright and proud, whilst two others lie close to their original positions. 


The site has a silent power that asks us to be still and go within. With breathtaking views, this stone circle stirs the soul and reminds us why we visit out of the way places.

On your journey to the site you see and hear waterfalls that sing to you. See trees and climb a hill.

The stones finally come into view on their majestic mound and it is a sight to behold. It's a bit of a walk but do go and visit this timeless mountain and stay awhile in one of the most peaceful places on Earth.

Arbour Low Stone Circle

Posted by [email protected] on October 18, 2016 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The most unusual stone circle in the British Isles...


Arbor Low is associated with many leys. According to the late John Michell, a powerful ley links it to Stonehenge. In fact the ley flows to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. I have dowsed this ley in both locations and it is a major meridian ley.


Today, Arbour Low is a recumbent Neolithic stone circle located in the Peak District of the UK. It has not been restored like other sites such as Stonehenge or Avebury.


Strangely and unlike any other stone circle in the British Isles, it seems as if the megaliths were positioned horizontally in a radiating pattern resembling a clock face.


Dated to that spoon fed date of 2500 BC Arbour Low was magnificent. A circle of around 50 limestone megaliths created a brilliant white circle of power.


At the heart of the site there are some smaller megaliths which create a rough horseshoe shape or cove is still debated.


The horizontal stone placements this draw the energy of the stone's bands and any underground current to a given direction or focus - to its heart. Although I suggest there is a lost outlier than conducted some energy.


www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk To learn dowsing and other estoeric arts www.EsotericCollege.com

The Druids Circle of Ulverston, Cumbria.

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Focusing on earth energies that unite sacred sites in Cumbria, our ancestors created circles of power. Across Europe, the megalithic builders sort out deep lakes and sometimes seas as a location for a ancient site.


Around Birkrigg, in Cumbria several bronze age tumuli can be found on the Common. The Druid’s Circle lies on the south-east side of the Common about half a kilometre from the coast, overlooking the village of Bardsee.

Containing two concentric stone rings, which are rare in the British Isles, and no other is in Cumbria, makes this stone circle unique.


Concentric circles mark deep water emitting a concentric circle shape called a Primary Halo akin to a mini lake. The inner circle has a diameter of about 8.5 m, and consists of 12 stones of local carboniferous limestone, with heights from 0.3 to 0.95 metres.

The outer ring consists of about 20 stones with a diameter of about 24m, which is often hidden by bracken. Some of the stones are covered by turf, with a wide gap to the north-east, where no stones have been found.


An earth currents courses into the circles like a snake which curves around the inner stone circle and charging the stones with power. An amazing site!


The Twelve Apostles, West Yorkshire

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A ceremonial triangle


Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire is a megalithic wonderland. Rich in stone circles and rock art, this untamed landscape has a powerful Spirit of Place.


The Twelve Apostles is a wonderful stone circle that forms a perfect isosceles triangle with the Backstones and the Grubstones. Standing to the inch exactly 1,180 yards apart. If you visit this area you are standing 1,250 feet in altitude-making you feel close to the sun, moon and stars.


Earthlights, or balls of light, are often seen over the stones reminding us of visual wonders. Although the stones are small, with some no larger than 4 feet tall, the energy here awakens the heart and mind. Originally, there was probably 20 stones forming this stone circle.


I recall visiting this site with a Chinese geomant who bowed to the stones and sensed their presence long, long before we arrived. He called this the Stone Circle a temple of Water, Earth and Fire.


Nearby there is some fantastic rock artwork. Power places are often used by the military and just like the military presence on Salisbury Plain upon which Stonehenge stands, the north eastern sector of Ilkley Moor is used by the military as a training ground.


Despite this ritual aggression, we can tune into these sites, tune into the magical triangle of the north and send our peace and light to received by the stones and felt by Gaia.


Tour with us and visit great stone circles, feel the energy and divine the land with experts like James Swagger, Micheal Tellinger and Brien Foerster. Check out www.megalithicodyssey.com for forthcoming conferences and tours and to learn about dowsing check out www.EsotericCollege.com and www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk


Duloe stone circle

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 Duloe stone circle.

Duloe stone circle is the smallest stone circle in Cornwall.

Consisting of eight large and irregular white quartz blocks set in a pattern of alternating large and small stones makes this stone circle dramatic. The quartz stones glisten in the sun and moon light and give a impression of grandeur. Seven of the stones are upright with one fallen. The ‘circle’ is actually an oval which is elongated in a north-south direction.

During restoration carried out in the mid 1800s, a Bronze Age ribbon handled urn was discovered which contained cremated human bone.

WC Borlase suggested that there may have been a raised mound or stony cairn within the circle and the white quaertz stones are as the impressive kerb or peristalith of an imposing Bronze Age burial monument.

Shortly after WC Borlase’s publication on Cornish antiquitiesin 1872, the site became know as “The Druids Circle” and today it is a must stone circle to visit.

Stood inside of this small circle is a wonderful experience, as it draws you to touch the stones and feel the ancient workmanship, which is over 4500 years old.

Tregeseal Dancing Stones

Posted by [email protected] on October 11, 2016 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy megalithic Tuesday :) Cornwall is charming and where place names still hold sacredness. Tregeseal Dancing Stones is a wonderful stone circle which was once a part of three circles.


Standing amid the purple heather it breathes life into the land and close by are some healing 'holed' stones. Touch them and receive a tingle...


The circle of 19 stones is a lunar circle but its spiritual purpose is its alignment to Carn Kenidjack - a natural rocky outcrop. Kenidjack means ken (the C*** word meaning female) and Jack meaning male. A natural holy place of Union where yin yang fertility and balance is immortalised in stone.


Standing on top of Kenidjack feels amazing as the energy rises through the silver rock to greet you. Also called the Hooting Carn as the wind can really howl and shout here. To those that can listen this stoney place offers a chance to practice Aeromancy divination by air - as this old Hill is holy.


Beneath the stone circle, a male ley intersects and unties with female water echoing the energies of Kenidjack to bring us balance and to restore harmony. But here, in the silence of Tregeseal you sense our long gone ancestors and feel them close by. I love these stones. Divining the land here opens you to several different energies and to the power of place. www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk to read about female water and www.megalihitcodyssey.com for tours that I will be doing with Brien Foerster, Micheal Tellinger and James Swagger. To learn to dowse go to www.EsotericCollege.com

Swinside in Cumbria

Posted by [email protected] on October 4, 2016 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Tucked away in Cumbria in the North of England is a megalithic treasure called Sunkenkirk or Swinside Circle.


Swinside Circle was constructed about c3100 BC making it potentially one of the earliest in the country.


This is a truly amazing stone circle. Why? It is one of the most untouched and intact stone circle in England. Out of the 60 stones believed to have made up this stone circle 55 remain and 30 still stand. The tallest stone being about 2.3 metres in height stand in the north.


Retaining its circular shape and with no stones set in concrete, like the restored stone circles of Avebury, Stonehenge, and the Merry Maidens, a natural energy fills the circle and you can feel its power. Causes a dowsing rod to react with immense force!


The entrance in the southeast is marked by two large outer portal stones and with an azimuth of 134º5 and a declination of -24º6 it is very close to the Winter Solstice sunrise.


But take away the mathematics or the astronomy and climb the nearby ‘Mother Mound’ close to the stones. I feel this was a ceremonial hill born of nature which was used by our ancestors.


This landscape has a quite beauty that takes you back to former times and soothes the urban mind by reawakening ancient collective memories. Go there! If you would like to learn how to dowse go to www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk as we are going here in 2017 so look at the website for updates and info. Learn to dowse professionally at www.EsotericCollege.com

Stones of Stenness

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The Stones of Stenness in Orkney are fantastic. It is thought that this stone circle once consisted of 12 stones but it may not have been completed with two stones missing.

Within the site there is a hearth feature that was constructed from four large stone slabs. According to Dr Colin Richards, the excavator of the nearby Barnhouse Settlement, an earlier hearth was transplanted from Barnhouse to the centre of the Stenness.

Close to the hearth stand two stone slabs and a large prone stone lies beside them. This is the remains of a 'dolmen' that was rebuilt in 1907 but may never have been part of the original site.

Catherine earth current and Dowsing Stenness

The Catherine earth current has been found to flow through Stenness - through the hearth feature. Considering Catherine is often associated with the 'Catherine Wheel' which is an old pagan rite, the hearth connection is interesting. Towards the end of summer and upon a hilltop, a wheel was set on fire which rolled down the hill. It is thought that this rite was done to mark the end of summer representing the decline of solar power. Here we see the element of fire associated with this earth current... Thanks to Barbara for confirming the dowsing. www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk   To learn dowsing with the Uks leading expert  go to www.EsotericCollege.com

The Merry Maidens, Cornwall

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The Merry Maiden's stone circle in Cornwall is fantastic. Here a dowser proved to be more accurate than carbon dating.

Near to the womb like circle are some truly phallic stones - standing some 15 feet tall -here male size matters!

The late, and the greatest pendulum dowser in the world, Tom Lethbridge, dowsed the Merry Maidens with his long-cord pendulum method. Long cord pendulum dowsing uses a set ‘rate’ – length of cord – for dowsing particular objects.

According to Tom, Age was set at the rate of 30 inches. Using this length, he got the date of 2540 BC for the stone circle.

Stranger still, he noted the pendulum swung so strongly it was horizontal. More than that, his free hand resting on the stone received an electric shock. The stone weighted around a ton and it felt to Tom as if it were rocking, moving and dancing.

Tom also found the long lost hill figures in Cambridgeshire called Gogmagog... That's what I call dowsing...

If you are interested in dowsing go to www.EsotericCollege.com  or check out my tours at www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk

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