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Megalithic Caduceus Egg shaped Stone

Posted by edwinswagger on June 6, 2016 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)





The ancient universal symbol of creation

The discovery of a large white stone egg, found buried at great depth on a site overlooking the ancient capital's harbour. Carefully sculpted with an enigmatic carving resembling the DNA symbol and the 5000 year old Sumerian "Ningishzida". Is it the same white stone egg, the "Alatuir", referred to in the Slavic legend as being the centre of their religion in their submerged homeland in the great western ocean?




The alatuir was a magic stone of Slavonic myth which could be found on the sacred paradise island of Bouyan. A river flowed from beneath it, the waters of which would heal all wounds. The island of Bouyan and the alatuir resembles Falias, the City of the north in Celtic and the Stone of Destiny.


Later the alatuir became a stone at the cross roads which warned heroes of impending danger, and later still, it was said to be the stone one which the Cross stood.

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